Marshland Pete

Blues Rock Artist

Marshland Pete holding a Whiskey glass
Marshland Pete is a Blues Rock artist. His guitar based music is a bridge between early Blues Roots, British Blues Rock and Modern Raw Electric Blues Rock.

He performs solo using live looping as well as performing in a trio (Guitar/Vocals, Bass, Drums).

As well as a Blues Rock musician, he is also a music producer and has worked on various other artists music in different genres.

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Latest Release: Till the Stars Fall Down

In the misty marshland, a lone traveler wandered, searching for something. The damp air clung to their skin, but they pressed on, driven by an unquenchable thirst for something more.
As the sun began to set, the traveler stumbled upon a small, rundown bar nestled among the reeds. A sign above the door read "Till the Stars Fall Down" and the traveler felt compelled to step inside.
The room was dimly lit, but the traveler could make out the figures of a few patrons, lost in their own thoughts. And then, the traveler's gaze was drawn to the stage, where a lone musician sat, playing a guitar.
The musician began to play, and the traveler felt as if the music was speaking directly to their soul. The song, "Till the Stars Fall Down", was a powerful anthem about the search for purpose in life, and the traveler couldn't help but feel a connection to the lyrics.
As the musician played on, the traveler was swept away by the raw energy and emotive performance. They knew that this was what they had been searching for, and they knew that the song would be their guide on their journey.

Disclaimer: Poetic story may be completely fictional. This Blues Rock guitar driven song is about searching for a meaning in life and we highly recommend giving it a listen!


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