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Marshland Pete is a Blues/Rock artist who sounds like an early Blues musician, an expressive improvisational Guitarist and a modern Rock artist meeting in an abandoned rural pub for a jam. His guitar based music is a bridge between early Blues Roots, British Blues Rock and Modern Raw Electric Blues Rock.

Growing up next to the marshland of England 1. He grew his musical understanding from the family 45s, favouring those Rock and Blues artists who could launch into deeply moving guitar solos 2 as well as musicians who embraced the unconventional. In early bands, Petey would take a lead in writing new songs and developing long solos 3.

Petey left the peaceful idyllic landscapes of the East Anglian marshland to travel the long dusty lonesome road 4 to London. These days, Petey is playing music further afield and has performed in numerous places throughout the UK.

Whilst Petey has recorded for other artists at prestigious recordings studios such as Abbey Road Studios, he records mostly from his own home studio, Chime Tone Studio. He wears a lot of hats 5, in addition to performing on the records, he produces and mixes his songs. Petey also produces other artists of various different genres.

1. [He also grew up next to a golf course but Golf Course Pete doesn't have the same ring to it]
2. [Jeff Beck, Peter Green, Roy Buchanan, Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai]
3. [His other band mates were less impressed with the length of these solos]
4. [Well alright he took the train, which was quite comfortable]
5. [We are not just talking about the stylish flat caps here]

Upcoming Gigs

Mascara Bar | London | 23 March 2024
Fiddlers Elbow | Camden | 14 April 2024


  • Handel Hendrix Museum - Battle of the Guitarists Finalist (Final 3)
  • Pub Quiz Winner
  • Bingo Winner

Previous Live Experience Highlights

  • Broadstairs Blues Bash | Broadstairs
  • Chiddfest | Chiddingly
  • Rock at the Castle Festival | Hertford Castle | Hertford
  • The Edinburgh Festival Fringe | Edinburgh
  • Deptford Heritage Festival | Deptford | London
  • Cosmic Puffin Festival | Mersea Island
  • Sounds for Hounds Festival | Worthing
  • The Seagull Theatre | Lowestoft
  • St Georges Theatre | Great Yarmouth
  • Union Chapel | Islington | London
  • Proud Camden | Camden | London


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